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  • Qulinez – Boys Don’t Cry (Audio 2017)

    Lyrics “Boys Don’t Cry” – Qulinez Latley it feels like you’ve been drifting Caught up in your own Don’t want my attention You are even colder than a winter ocean Out of my mind.. out of my mind Now it’s all […]

  • Cry Boy Cry – My Heart Is So Heavy | Lyrics Video

    Cry Boy Cry performing My Heart Is So Heavy (Lyrics | Video 2016)  Versuri (lyrics)  My Heart Is So Heavy  My heart so heavy You’re so far away The world so beautiful Without you so grey My heart so heavyLike […]

  • Mielo & Ieuan – Pretty When U Cry | Lyrics Audio

    Mielo & Ieuan performing Pretty When U Cry (Music Audio 2016)  Versuri (lyrics)  Pretty When U Cry  I get so jealous too easἰlyYou keep talking about this other boy, who is he Does he give you everything that I can’t […]

  • Pixie Lott – Heart Cry | Lyrics Video

    Pixie Lott performing Heart Cry (Music Video 2013) Versuri (lyrics) Heart Cry Don’t you ever try to loveYou know nothing of me what you thinking ofDon’t you ever try to healCut me deep inside and leave me on my knee […]

  • Sia – Big Girls Cry | Lyrics Video

    Sia cu piesa Big Girls Cry | Lyrics Video Versuri (lyrics): Tough girl in the fast lane No time for love No time for hate No drama No time for games Tough girl whose soul aches I come home On […]