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  • Cheat Codes, Sofia Reyes, Willy William – Highway

    Lyrics “Highway” – Cheat Codes, Sofia Reyes & Willy William Ain’t no love on the highway If you keep it in park on your driveway You ain’t gonna go too far Chillin’ in your broke down car Spent too long goin’ sideways I’ma take […]

  • Cheat Codes feat. Afrojack – Ferrari | Lyrics Video

    Lyrics “Ferrari” – Cheat Codes feat. Afrojack Gimme a chance, gimme the car Get rid of your friends I don’t want, I don’t want none of these people involved I know what I did, do I have an excuse They say […]

  • Cheat Codes & Kim Petras – Feeling Of Falling | Lyrics

    Lyrics “Feeling Of Falling” – Cheat Codes & Kim Petras All the other ones never stayed too long Just a hit and run, leading me along Don’t tell me you’re different It all sounds the same Probably shouldn’t listened Probably shouldn’t […]

  • Cheat Codes – Boing Boing | Lyrics Audio

    Lyrics “Boing Boing” – Cheat Codes Z-E-R-O-S, that’s right I pay way too much for my flights I pay way too much on my clothes I’m just too damn cool for these hoes Someone please just hand me my phone So […]

  • Cheat Codes – The Concept | Lyrics Audio

    Lyrics “The Concept” – Cheat Codes Yeah, here’s the concept No more stress for me and my sect Please don’t step to me, I might flex Need more checks, I came to collect Uh, here comes the concept YSL all over […]

  • Cheat Codes – Activate | Lyrics Audio

    Lyrics “Activate” – Cheat Codes Activate, I got the keys, don’t scratch the paint Blowin’ through racks, you mad you can’t Lookin’ at me, I’m glad you hate, yeah Activate, I got the keys, don’t scratch the paint Blowin’ through racks, […]

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