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  • Breathe Carolina – Drive | Lyrics Video 2019

    Used to drive around in this parking lot Still sound like you here, but I know you’re not Somewhere down the road, I guess you forgot How I helped you grow, damn, it hurts a lot How you feeling now, tell me the […]

  • Breathe Carolina – Like This | Lyrics Video 2019

    I can see it coming from a mile away I been in the sky, so don’t make no mistakes Landin’ overseas just like the other day I can’t get no sleep, no Take it, kill it, eat it right Look in my eyes and […]

  • Breathe Carolina & Flatdisk – Hotel | Lyrics Video

    Lyrics “Hotel” – Breathe Carolina and Flatdisk Girl, you wanna come to my hotel Baby, I will leave you my room key Feelin’ the way you carry yourself, girl And I wanna get with you ’cause she’s a cutie If you […]

  • Breathe Carolina & Inukshuk – Nights | Lyrics Video

    Breathe Carolina and Inukshuk performing Nights (Lyrics | Music Video 2016)  Versuri (lyrics)  Nights  Stay up all nἰghtFeels like miles of nowhereI give up, no fightAlways lost in the moments These nights spent alone, all aloneThese nights when I feel […]

  • Breathe Carolina & Crossnaders – Stable | Lyrics Video

    Breathe Carolina and Crossnaders performing Stable (Lyrics | Music Video 2016)  Versuri (lyrics)  Stable   We’re feeling bἰg we’re feeling small We’re living life on different levels We’re feeling weak we’re feeling strong And we’re just tryna keep it stable Started […]