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  • Bea Miller – I can’t breathe | Lyrics Video

    Bea Miller – I can’t breathe (Lyrics | Video 2017)  Versuri (lyrics): I can’t breathe  Somebody get me a hammerWanna break all the clocks and the mirrorsAnd go back to a time that was differentA time when I didn’t feel like […]

  • Astrid S – Breathe | Lyrics Video

    Astrid S performing Breathe (Music Video 2017)  Versuri (lyrics): Breathe  I forget to.. It’s been a week since you hit my bed And since then you’ve started living in my head.. ey  Seven days and I’m nearly dead Never thought that I’d reboot, […]

  • Trophy Eyes – Breathe You In | Lyrics Video

    Trophy Eyes performing Breathe You In (Lyrics | Music Video 2016)  Versuri (lyrics)  Breathe You In  Baby help me, I feel emptyThere’s somethἰng dark inside of meI can’t shake the thought of drowningI swallowed water in my sleep I can’t […]

  • Annely Cole – Breathe | Lyrics Video

    Annely Cole cu piesa Breathe | Lyrics Video Versuri: Emanuela OanceaMuzica: Alexandru Serbu, Emanuela OanceaMix / Master: Alexandru TrutaPublishing: S.C. Sprint Media Publishing S.R.LSC Sprint Media Center SRL este membru afiliat U.P.F.R si O.R.D.A