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Olly Murs – Back Around (Lyrics & Video)

Olly Murs performing Back Around (Lyric Music Video 2016) Versuri (lyrics) Back Around I can feel the memory in my brainI can feel the cold running through my veinsLike it's been, been this way, all of our lifeLooking in the mirror through your eyesNothing makes sense, these tears…

2 Chainz – Ounces Back (Lyrics & Video)

2 Chainz performing Ounces Back (Official Music Video 2016) Versuri (lyrics) Ounces Back I told her bounce ἰt backI told her ounces backI told her bounce it backYou been sellin' drugs for yearsAin't got a bird, ni*gaYou been sellin' weed, ni*gaYou ain't a plug, ni*ga You know I'm…

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