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  • Amy Lee – Speak To Me | Lyrics Video

    Amy Lee performing Speak To Me (Lyrics | Music Video 2017)  Versuri (lyrics): Speak To Me  Be still, my love I will return to you However far you feel from me You are not alone I will always be waiting And I’ll always be watching […]

  • Amy Lee – Love Exists | Lyrics Audio

    Amy Lee (Evanescence) performing Love Exists (Music Audio 2017)  Versuri (lyrics): Love Exists  It can be born anywhere In the last place you’d expect In a way you’d never dream It can grow from nothing And blossom in a second A single glance is all it takes To […]

  • Amy Lee – The End of The Book | Lyrics Video

    Amy Lee cu piesa The End of The Book (Music Video 2016)  Versuri (lyrics)  The End of The Book  The end of the book isn’t the end of the storyYou can imagine anything that you wаnt it to beThe end […]

  • Amy Lee – If You’re A Star (Animated Video)

    Amy Lee performing If You’re A Star (Animated Video 2016)  Versuri (lyrics)  If You’re A Star  The stars are shining brἰght And I wonder what they’re seeing Can they see me watching them Stars come out at night I wonder […]