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  • Alma – Bad News Baby | Lyrics Video 2019

    Oh, won’t you take my advice No, you can’t put me on ice Do what you want but load the gun I know you’ll come again To get my love, my heroin Do what you do and I’ll pray for […]

  • Alma – Have U Seen Her? | Lyrics Video 2019

    I’m running, running, running Like a psycho It’s funny, funny, funny But it’s not cool I feel wavy, but I think I’m on the way I’m on it, on it, on it never stumble Never, never 1,2,3, I never fade […]

  • Alma & Tove Lo – Worst Behaviour | Lyric Video

    Another year wasted on endless work They don’t know my worth Another year wasted on stupid jerks I rip off my shirt I am done, I’m sick of hearing it I am done, fed-up, ain’t having it Another year wasted on endless work They […]

  • Alma – Don’t Know | Lyrics Video

    Lyrics “Don’t Know” – Alma Shush.. I feel the shiver Hush.. I know you are with her But every time that I am with you I get those butterflies And every time I look at you I just can’t close […]

  • ALMA – Lonely Night | Lyrics Video 2019

    Lyrics “Lonely Night” – ALMA The city’s on fire, and girls gettin’ hotter I’m faded on liquor, you all I can picture Don’t leave when I’m with you But can’t be without you Waitin’, I’m waitin’, I keep on waitin’ […]

  • Alma – Perfect | Lyrics Video

    Lyrics “Perfect” – Alma I used to think that we were perfect, boy Was I wrong You kept saying that you were busy When really you were having your fun I tried, and I’ve tried with you boy can’t you […]

  • ALMA – When I Die | Lyrics Video

    Lyrics “When I Die” performed by ALMA When I die I hope everyone got two drinks in their hands When I die I hope it looks like a movie from Japan When I die, when I die I hope everyone gets […]

  • Alma – Cowboy | Lyrics Video

    Lyrics “Cowboy” – Alma All I saw was eyeballs Looking at me sideways Blurring out my lover’s face Hoping we would die young Drinking like your last day Letting it all go to waste Smoking every dollar Hanging on a last […]