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  • Reea feat. Akcent – Bohema | Lyrics Video

    Lyrics “Bohema” – Reea feat. Akcent For you I run a million miles ‘Cause you Make me feel complete And you Every time you smile My love I can feel the heat ‘Cause only you I can be for your […]

  • Akcent – Rita | Lyrics Video

    Lyrics “Rita” – Akcent Rita, get yourself together Monday never comes Rita, this is now or never Sunday I’ll be gone, gone Gone, gone, gone.. All your secrets No longer mine And we drift away All the good days You left […]

  • Akcent – How Many Times | Lyrics Video

    Lyrics “How Many Times” – Akcent I, I’m bound of you Yeah, you hold me close without touch I can’t never get it enough Every night, every night I’m missing you I won’t lie to you ‘Cause I’ll do everything that […]

  • Akcent – Deep In Your Eyes | Lyrics Video

    Lyrics “Deep In Your Eyes” – Akcent Shadow, shadow Yes baby I’m in fire ’cause your love is the only thing i’m thinking of Shadow, shadow They are disappearing when you light Is shining so bright Deep in your eyes mama, […]

  • Akcent feat. Reea – My Lady | Lyrics Video

    Lyrics “My Lady” – Akcent feat. Reea You see, young lady I’m crazy in la la la love In la la la love We, my lady we are ready For la la la love La la la love I swear, I […]