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  • 88rising feat. Joji & Niki – La Cienega | Lyrics Audio

    Lyrics “La Cienega” – 88rising feat. Joji & Niki Empty bottles on the floor Party’s over, thank the Lord Watching these four walls round me shrinking It’s so quiet, I can hear myself think When.. Glitz and glamour on cam Singin’ […]

  • Joji & 88rising – Head In The Clouds | Lyrics

    Lyrics “Head In The Clouds” – Joji & 88rising Out of reach Out of touch Maybe I’m too high Out of mind Out of line Almost lost my sight I don’t know why I do this I feel like I might […]

  • 88rising feat. Rich Brian – History | Lyrics Audio

    Lyrics “History” – 88rising feat. Rich Brian We got history Got me feeling the nostalgia When you look at me Thinking ’bout what could have happened Or what could’ve been Finally a face I know, ain’t that a sight to see […]

  • 88rising – Warpaint | Lyrics Audio

    Lyrics “Warpaint” – 88rising Every time I turn my head Lovers kissin’ everywhere Fingers runnin’ down their side They’re just livin’ the lie Love is nothing but a cowboy Shootin’ up one life at a time I’m just trying to nurse […]

  • Yaeji – Raingurl | Lyrics Audio

    Lyrics “Raingurl” – Yaeji 매주하는 생각 (Every week I have the same thought) What if it’s just me 영화 한편 끝나듯이 (As if a movie is ending) As real as it can be 갑갑했던 기억들은 (All the suffocated memories) Where I […]