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Lyrics Top G – Symba

Yeah, yeah, yeah, n**ga
I said, the world f**ked up, n**ga
You n**gas just don’t understand
What you gon’ do ’bout it
Talkin’ to me
Yeah, you

Well, I plan to get rich
I pan to succeed through the chaos
You feel me

Pillow talkin’ to a hundred thousand
Moon walkin’ through the mountains, that’s four hundred ounces
When I was younger, I prayed for this power
I just wish they would’ve told me this don’t come with flowers
Never lived in public housing
Mama always found a way to keep us grounded
Nanny died, my family got divided
My uncle lost his mind, that n**ga never found it
In a generation of validation
Where n**gas always on vacation from they mama basement
These b**ches turned these n**gas to an occupation
If p**sy was runnin’ to ’em, these n**gas still’d chase it
My auntie said, Back in the day, all that snitchin’ was dangerous
These days, once you glorified, it makes you famous
But I can’t fall into the matrix
Nowadays, doin’ features get you caught up in cases

I mean, I played this s**t nice enough long enough
It’s a lot of n**gas who feel like they can’t cheer for a n**ga
’cause they had nothin’ to do with the success
I understand
You hate it
Huh, now watch this s**t, you b**ch a*s n**ga, you

I’m in million-dollar meetings now
N**gas think I’m changing ’cause I ain’t bring ’em
You ever seen a hundred million dollars
N**ga, me neither
So how the f**k could you tell me to play my situation
like you would when you ain’t never been in it
If you know all the answers, why you ain’t did it or ain’t winning
You n**gas with opinions need to go apply to be critics
I mean, look at Akademiks
That n**ga rich as most of you n**gas that’s out here killing
The rap game got f**ked up when street n**gas
Realized rappers was makin’ more money than drug dealers
I’m somewhere out in Kona off tequila and Corona
Came a long way from throwin’ parties in Pomona
I still double back on all my exes just to show ’em
They could be livin’ like my baby mama if they focused

Why you always wanna wait ’til it’s too late to do great
I mean, think about it
I told you how this s**t was gon’ look, I told you
It’s ’bout three of you n**gas who got deals because of me
Get out of line and I’ma let it be known, n**ga…

➤ Written by Symba
Symba | 2023

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