Neotheater - AJR



  • Genre: Alternative
  • Release Date: 2019-04-26
  • Explicitness: explicit
  • Country: USA
  • Track Count: 12
  • ℗ 2019 AJR Productions, LLC under exclusive license to BMG Rights Management (US) LLC

Neotheater ◷ preview

Title Artist Time
Next Up Forever AJR 4:16 USD 1.29
Birthday Party AJR 3:43 USD 1.29
100 Bad Days AJR 3:32 USD 1.29
Don't Throw Out My Legos AJR 4:10 USD 1.29
Break My Face AJR 3:46 USD 1.29
Turning Out, Pt. ii AJR 3:43 USD 1.29
The Entertainment's Here AJR 3:07 USD 1.29
Karma AJR 4:05 USD 1.29
Beats AJR 3:18 USD 1.29
Wow, I'm Not Crazy AJR 3:16 USD 1.29
Dear Winter AJR 2:48 USD 1.29
Finale (Can't Wait To See What AJR 4:37 USD 1.29


  • AJR

    By De'Vice
    They are amazing
  • So much emotion

    By Zoname 😎🤪💜❤️🥴
    Not as good as the click, but NICE JOB AJR
  • ❤️

    By janettolbert
  • Good

    This is a five star review to make up for all the idiots who did not even buy the album and saying it’s trash It’s great the song don’t throw my legos is great and I do not even buy the album
  • Done

    By AshMasterFlash
    I can’t. I’m obsessed with them. I loved FUN and I feel the vibes of that here... except literally on this album EVERY song is catchy... ugh Dear Winter? I’ve listened 100000 times probably. So good.
  • AMAZING but............

    By Yeoaurt
    WHERE THE F*CK IS THE OVERTURE. It an amazing album but the overture is usually one of the best parts of the album and I think ajr could put together a pretty good overture for this album. I pre-ordered it the day it went up for preorder, and I’m happy with my purchase. I’d give it 4 and a half stars if it let me because there’s NO F*CKING OVERTURE! F*CK AGGAHAHANDFHWJXNSUBSHCHDNXHEGEGDHSHHBehe
  • AJR HOW?!

    By Kitty-Meow-Meow
    Went from their first album, to the Click, which is insanely good, but it got even better, and I have no idea how. Despite the very low reviews on some reviewing sites for this album, I really enjoy this album, and share it with all my friends. Their theme, throughout of having a perfect world is wonderful. I hope they keep writing music.
  • Touched my heart

    By shnauzer123
    I loved this album because some of the songs I really relate to on a personal level. Next up forever reminds me of being the hopeful kid who is half ready for life to start, and the scars child who wants to remain a child forever Because they think “what if I’m not quite there yet?” Don’t throw out my legos gave me that same feeling. Like that insecure, nervous, nostalgic, sort of desperate vibe that accompanied me my whole life. Listening to those two were like something, someone was holding my hand, telling me you’re not alone in this. Karma, well, that song spoke for itself. It was also in that desperate, frightened tone that made me feel like I was lying on a couch in my therapists office begging them for answers and a solution. I admit, I cried. Wow I’m not crazy I admit I went and openly weeped in the car because it was like the song “you will be found” in dear Evan Hanson. It actually made feel like a warm blanket was wrapped around me while my friends sat with me saying “we understand and love you. Do not change because you are not crazy, you are perfect.” And it made me so happy. Dear winter was very sweet, and cute. I love his hopefulness in his voice. He sounds like a sweet 13 year old boy. Birthday party I simply enjoy because of the message. How amazingly it sums up childhood innocence. And those are my favorites. Buy the album and enjoy the album. Worth every penny. Promise. Agriato!!!
  • I love AJR there my favorite

    By Ninjago lover :):):)
    There song are form the heart
  • AJR has done it again!

    By ilovepandf10
    This is the most beautiful album that’s come out of their living room. From the first note of Next Up Forever to the “oh okay” at the end of Finale, it’s so well-written and touched my heart. These boys create such vivid images and tearjerking moments with their music, and what better example of that creativity than this album! I’m so proud of how far they’ve come, and I can’t wait to see what they do next. 😉