Stevie Stone & JL feat. Joey Cool – Miles Davis (Lyrics)

Lyrics “Miles Davis” / Stevie Stone & JL feat. Joey Cool

My back against the wall
At least I can’t go back again
I ain’t got it all
But I ain’t doing bad as them

I ain’t tripping if I fall
From here the only way is up
I just look at it like this
Maybe I don’t pray enough
Maybe I ain’t say enough

Before I fold, I’ma die first
Won’t adapt unless you diverse
Tryin’ to catch a wave of my tears
Lately all I’ve ate are my words

Clear straight roads never made great drivers
Chasing the American dream’s giving me nightmares
I see the rocket’s red glare, bombs bursting in the air
And they try to tell it’s fireworks

Guess it’s too wordy to celebrate
It ain’t go just ’cause of glitter bro investigate
The industry is nothing you should overestimate
I ain’t gotta see the green to know it’s hella fake
As of late my circle smaller than a hole of nail leaves
Stab me in the back just to find out if JL bleeds
Ex’s hoping that I’ll call her, that’s like hoping Hell’ll freeze
If I didn’t need to know me open up my mail please

Success is a different side effect
Trying to write, make a post, and reply to texts
And got to find the time to give my lady crazy type of sex
Just don’t judge if I gotta be trappin’ till I find these checks

Got the wifi, all the bars but did I connect
I see how they do big bro what should I expect
Guess it’s all about the mindstate
Got these high stakes looking lightweight

Ok, no problem..
Ok, ok, no problem..
No, no, no problem
Ok, ok, no problem
Ok, no problem

Had to take it on the chin
Got a lot of loose ends
Mama didn’t have that much to spend
I was like ten
Came home with a little letter
Landlord didn’t wanna let us in
Got us in a jam, I didn’t understand

Mama said we leaving it up in God’s hands
Strategize a plan, help unload the van
Sleeping in the motel or with family and friends
What I’m saying, this an everyday struggle that we used to
I do better when you put me under pressure

Anyway, cop another for the week too
Get together when it’s only getting better
Making sure there ain’t no drama when the rents due
That’s a light at the end of the tunnel I can see to
I put my nuts up on the table when I switched lanes
I made a promise to my dad and never live in vain
Yes lord

Ok, no problem..
Ok, ok, no problem..
No, no, no problem
Ok, ok, no problem
Ok, no problem

I’ma do whatever that I want to
That’s always been the motto
Looking like I hit the lotto
I said n**ga, what he gon’ do
Riding my horizon, I’m a little self entitled
This is different than you’re used to

I’ve always been a villain but this is a little different
When you rolling with the, who’s who
When you rolling with the, who’s who
I am someone many can relate to
You see the realest .. can’t escape you

‘Cause see this life can end up making you or break you
But when you struggle, you on verge of a breakthrough
When the energy is off don’t let it drain you
See there’s gon’ be some people out here tryna blame you
You get successful, they gon’ try to say it changed you
Don’t let nobody try to tell you what you can’t do
Yeah, yeah

Ok, no problem..
Ok, ok, no problem..
No, no, no problem
Ok, ok, no problem
Ok, no problem…

➤ Produced by Seven
Album: Kontra-Band
Stevie Stone & JL & Joey Cool 2018

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