Statik Selektah feat. Run The Jewels – Put Jewels On It Lyrics

Lyrics “Put Jewels On It” – Statik Selektah feat. Run The Jewels

I came up on some brain-blown-full-of-smoke
Living in a Terrordome, that kid born to kill a king with my hand sh*t
Put ’em up, runners run amok, gonna gun ’em up
Sun ’em up, what a run of luck, I’m a ton of fun

F*ckers wanna run it up, stunna runner up
I’m a number 1, wake up with the sun, thinkin’ make a buck
What a clutch, every buck he touch getting crumpled up
Suck it up, fold the f*ckers guts ’til he double up

Double down, dummies get a crown when I’m in the dust
Dead and done so that he delayed baby, wait baby
This is not a drill, baby, Jamie is a thrill
$100,000 bill, y’all, all laws get the deal

What a are done
I don’t bow to Zod or no man, what
Roll me like you Potus in an ocean made of klan nut
And Mikey, most of these soldiers are simply so-called

The holster they holding is empty
The toaster that they imagine they venting
And putting holes in their enemies simply doesn’t exist
We buffalo run ’em off cliff

Look at Mikey flow, look at Mikey go
Look at Mikey, Jamie making milli like nobody know
Mikey he went maniac like Wayne when he went Wayne-iac
And did a milli but I been this silly, really

And you motherf*ckers really know that you’ve been really feel me
But you hid emotions, so I know you f*ckers really fear me, fear me
F*ck your coulda shoulda woulda stooda stutter
I’m a motherf*cker, ask your baby mother, motherf*cker music, boy

Talking jheri curl greasy, boy
N*gga with an attitude, Westside Atlanta, young Eazy, boy
I [beat] your girl, flapjack flat flapback black flow flipper flap flap
Take that, I don’t argue, oh n*gga

Get nervous in my old age .. nobody
Make your self .. take a shot ..
I only trust Jamie, I don’t trust nobody
And if you f*ck with him, bullet holes in yo’ body

Who really run this
Banging on my adversaries
Like who really run this
The bright lights of f*ckery stuck in me, automatic
Who really run this
Violence might be necessary
Who really run this
The bright lights of f*ckery stuck in me, Statik

Who want it.. put jewels on it
Who want it
Who want it..

Put jewels on it
Put jewels on it…

➤ Produced by M lee, Scena & Jazzfeezy
Ace Hood VEVO 2017

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