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Lyrics General City – Stalley

Sometimes you gotta be the author and the architect
It’s only right
Sometimes you gotta say things that need to be said
Other times you gotta just be quiet
But this is not one of those times

Yeah I kick the raps you need to listen to
He got bodied but still missing a few
Screws up top, I hope the spiritual connect
So the mood don’t pop
The cold still make the temperature drop

We four wheel when the ’76 drop
Naturally we express what we got
We from the apartments and the
In my voice you feel the struggle in us
Ain’t no backing down
We pack ’em out, it’s rumble with us

Love and trust, wish we could confide
Homies we done seen ’em died
Women turn their backs on families
Just to feed their pride
Opps live in disguise
Children they desensitized
Dead before the age of 18
Their lives minimized

Uhh, and to think they try to criticize
These words I put between these lines
When most these n**gas telling lies
About they big watch, big chain
His story is your story and her story
It’s all the same

All these common rappers out here telling lies
Not Common from the Chi, you know the common guys
Rapper gang member, gang member rapper
Run off on the plug, chain big as NASA

I mean it’s really out of this world
So many stones in it how could it not flatter your girl
All these side women and bottom b**ches
No wonder you сan’t find no b**ches
Mind your business count your digits n**ga, social distance

That’s your ticket to the road to riches
Square business, we straight up like two 11’s
This tutor session is truly a blessing
Refreshing like spearmint
This ain’t no experiment
Of my true confession

F**k who don’t condone the message
It’s only soldiers that I step with in this general city
You got a problem be up front
Don’t be general with me
You can salute the five stars
And shoot the five with me
It’s simple…

➤ Written by Stalley
Album: Speak No Blue
Produced by Black Diamond
Stalley | 2020

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