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Soulja Boy performing Flame (Intro) (Music Video 2017) 

Versuri (lyrics): Flame (Intro) 

Everyday I’m gettin’ to that K 
Woke up this morning, then I went and bought a Wraith 
Smokin’ on dope, now I’m high in the space 
And then call my lawyer, I got caught 
With the Draco, with the case 
Yesterday young Dre made 50k 
Brand new Wraith out of space 
Brand new pay 
Forgiatos in the turn 
Lane doing with the K
Then we play with that aim, in the kitchen Hurricane
Fly through new Bentley Crewe
What you sayin’, Forgiatos in the hood
Yeah, they know that I’m the man
Back, touch down, that’s the touch down
Draco on me boy, and they hold a 100 round drum
Bright day, cost lurk you know they ply
Walk up in the kitchen, I’m in the pine
I’m in the kitchen, I’m in the stove
Hold a pound of ‘caine
Then I whip the whole block
Diamonds on my neck and they know Fo
Diamonds on me Johnny Dang
Rang blang, glang in the kitchen
Do my damn thing, let the draco sink just like T-Payne
Hit them just like Noha Kane
Hit them with the draco
He goin’ feel a damn thing
Aye, hit them with the draco
He gon’ feel a damn thing
2 pistols on my hip
Man I feel like Max Payne
Blow it hard, then attorney ain’t not gon’ play with the gang
I’m in the new Bentley Crewe, chicken noodle soup, fring
Pull up on you, draco brought at day
Blow at it’s brand with the gang man
Don’t make me say that shit again
After sell we don’t play
Yeah we pull up brought at day
N*gga 100k, seeing in the Louis suitcase
Call my lawyer, beat the case
Draco ain’t no 2 Wayne
If you disrespect gang
Know we take the whole safe
Run up and then split the case
Spread the draco like is Mayse
No face, pit the cage
No face, no case
No seal, no deal
Pop a ni*ga like a pill
Yeah, I’m playing with the Ms tryna get a couple Bill’s
Young Dre broke the rules
Then we-Imma count a six
Brand new draco on me, switch the rules
Like I’m Boom! Draco made none oh
All this horas was K-Boom!
Put this body in the tomb
6-fifth for the crew
Gang, yeah we let it bang
Wrist, that’s a hurricane
Yeah, we know them ni*gas lame
We pull up, we takin’ chains
Hurricane dropped brand new
All skrt, in the kitchen with my wrist
I can make this shit work
Plug came in at 50 pounds
Gotta a goon 100 ki’s in one week
Bring in my style for
Sippin’ lean ’till I’m gone
Sippin’ lean ’till I’m dead
In the ksub with the baddest bi*ch
Yeah-hey, Lamborghini coup
Quart a mill on a-, I’m in LA
If you shoot, for the gang
N*gga we comin’ for yo ear
Snatch a chain
Snatch a ring
Snatch an A damn thing
Cuba link on my wrist
And they know what’s my name
Big Draco, let shots so
But we don’t play, we gang
We pull up on you, do you dirty, leave ’em in the main
In the strip club, make it rain
LOG with Johnny Dang
All this diamonds on my neck
Oh man, it’s a shame
50 thousand for the ring
On the bling bling, king
All this diamonds on my neck
And then ni*ga do yo thing
‘Cause the chopper hit his face
Put them down, ni*ga draco 100 rounds
A million city with the pounds
All this was a whole lot of sound
Whole lot of chopper sounds
Chop and knock a ni*ga…

➤ Album: Big Soulja
Produced by DJ Jerry & DJ Ransom Dollars
Soulja Boy 2017

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