Ski Mask The Slump God feat. Offset – With Vengeance | Lyrics

Lyrics “With Vengeance” – Ski Mask The Slump God feat. Offset

Yuh, ooh..
Yo’ b*tch gon’ catch my balls just like a goalie, whoadie
We at hotel just like Zack & Cody
Pockets look pregnant or maybe just bloated
My pockets look nosy, Pinocchio poke it

Her pussy hocus, I’m a pocus
My heart December, it’s the coldest
Attract a kitty, just like litter
Then I turn her face into a babysitter

Diamonds like fingers, watch it flicker
Snake venom vocals, flow got sicker
Sharper than sabers made straight from Darth Vader
Yo’ b*tch on my hotdog, Oscar Mayer wiener

I can’t stand sight of swine
They can’t touch a n*gga like a porcupine
Dance up in that pussy I electric slide
Then she put her hands up like I just asked for a high five

Because Poseidous
I’m high as much as the knot in the tie
I shoe your b*tch way like a fly
I don’t got the

This is my revenge
With vengeance, with vengeance
With vengeance, with vengeance
With vengeance

Four, five with a extend, better panic
It’s a ransom so we trappin’ out the Phantom
Diamond dancing I shoot him on the banji
Hi b*tch, I’ma f*ck you and your manners

I done feel like n*ggas takin’ my chemicals
VVS’s diamonds baby look at the minerals
Put my dick up in your mouth and play with the genitals
Foul on the play, we pull the chopper off for penalties

Yeah, I had to get the lamb’ for converted
n*gga go to war like the Persian
I’m having water and you b*tches thirsty
I make her drink a gallon of the Gerber

I put the skully on my wrist, ice chilly on my wrist
DMX b*tch, I go Belly on a b*tch
Margiela on my b*tch, R Kelly on my wrist
I’m a lunatic, but Nelly on ain’t on this type of shit

Turning into a manaic
Yeah, the diamond give a heart attack
We can get to popping, turn a n*gga into a running back
Ran off from the plug, that n*gga showed me about a hunnid’ racks

I was in a maze in the bando trap
When the coke come glazed, gotta cook the crack
You can see it in my face, I got rack racks
Match the ankle with the gauge, that’s a fact jack

You got caught up in the wave
You got left back
My n*ggas pull up with the dra’, they got hellcat

➤ Produced by Timbaland
Ski Mask The Slump God 2017

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