Sierra Eagleson – Midnight Hour Lyrics | Official Video

Lyrics Midnight Hour – Sierra Eagleson

I really need, really need you to tell me
Really need to hold me back
It’s funny how it all ends up
Funny how it all ends just like that

I really want, really want you to hold me
Take this train and keep it on the tracks
‘Cause I don’t know where I’m going
Yeah I don’t know where but I’ll be right back

‘Cause you’re the first glance
And I’m that second сhance
And you’ll have a stone hold
I’ll be turning cold

You be the red light
Late in the midnight hour
Where we both know

What good would I be if I let you go..②
What good would I be if I let you…

➤ Written by Sierra Eagleson
Sierra Eagleson | 2020

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