Sickick – Pain Killer Lyrics | Official Video

Lyrics Pain Killer – Sickick

Why would I ignore you
I been waiting for your call
Paranoia, suffocating in this word
You know I know you
I need a fix before I fall

Nobody listens
When I’m going through withdrawals
It’s easy to give in
When you have got no one at


All I do is, all I do is wonder
You are my only high
When I go under

You’re my addiction
You’re my addiction
You’re my addiction

F**k your intervention
I just want to feel your eyes
I don’t think I’m quitting
Tell me you won’t leave my side
Nothing really matters
You’re all I need
Nothing really matters
For you and me

You’re my addiction
You’re my addiction
You’re my addiction…


➤ Written by Sickick
Sickick | 2020

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