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Lyrics Perc Popper – Shoreline Mafia

B**ch I’m hella faded, I sip lean on a celebration
I just popped another thirty now I’m meditating
If a n**ga try to rob me, I go super saiyan
Put em choppers on my n**gas they get to super slayin’

A hundred round leave em’ on the floor
A hundred rounds we putting on a show
A couple rounds when I’m digging into your h*e
Put this chopper out I’m shooting at your bro


N**ga touch me, I’m a writ soon
I just bought the whole pint
I’m ’bout sip something
I just took a whole thirty on a sick one
I don’t hesitate with money imma get some

I got real n**ga d*ck and she know it
If I pour this forty out, I’m finna blow it
Give a b**ch good d*ck, now she glowin’
Remember she was innocent, now she a h*e
In a foreign whip, and it’s stolen
Look at my mouth little b**ch, I’m goated
Look at my neck little n**ga, all frozen
Run up on .. get your jaw broken

Moving bro I can’t relate
Everywhere a n**ga go, I get a plate
I ain’t tag her but she said she want a taste
I just popped another perc, I’m outerspace

Perc popper, born in outerspace
I be coolin’ where you n**gas ain’t safe
Gimme head til’ you run out of face
Walked in, now he runnin’ out the place
Only time, when I’m running from the jerks
Throwin’ money boy I could bought a wraith
We are last n**ga, you can’t relate
Pick it up little b**ch, need a rake
And a broom, Shoreline the wave tyfoon
Need my money next day lil’ n**ga by noon


Matter of a fact I need that right now n**ga
I don’t giνe a f**k
If you know me n**ga, pay me

I don’t do fronts, only smoke runts
I don’t smoke paper, I only smoke blunts
Choppa on my side, I don’t got it in the trunk
Turn around b**ch, I don’t want to see the front

Hit it from the back, do it once a month
I’m busy n**ga you can’t have me when you want
Hit it from the back, do it once a month
I’m busy n**ga you can’t have me when you want

Smoking on the freeway, going up like a B-Day
Selling dope off a prepay, getting money each way
Two h*es yeah, they get freaky
Two percs so geeky…

➤ Written By Fenix Flexin & Ohgeesy
Produced by DJ Flare
Shoreline Mafia | 2020

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