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Lyrics Poe The Drop – Shoreline Mafia feat. Future

Po’ the drop
Gimmie top
Move a block
N**ga it don’t stop..④

Feeling sick, I just sipped a quarter brick
And I don’t rock it, but I’m really bout that s**t
And I ain’t capping boy, I really hit your b**ch
I get to smacking when I get her in the crib


OTS I only .. s**t
And I’m a kick her out, and cool it with yo b**ch
Money on my mind since I was a jit
And I been waiting on the day I go legit
.. finally quit
Bagging up this s**t, and shipping out the zip
Matter a fact, I don’t think I can quit
I’m a pro, NBA, I’m hitting bricks

On the low, I’m always gonna keep a stick
If she a h*e, I’m always gonna f**k your b**ch
And I’m a real n**ga, real n**ga don’t switch
And I’m a real n**ga, that’s real n**ga s**t

Po’ the drop
Gimmie top
Move a block
N**ga it don’t stop..④

Woke up with a stick
These n**gas talking they be all about that action, they .. s**t
I might hit a lick and leave yo b**ch up on the strip
.. I need my chicken strips
S**t don’t stop, we serving junkies in the whip
She love cock, she sniff them perkies off the dick
You don’t know, now you know, b**ch this the block
Your n**ga beef with me, then give me opp top
I’m on the same street my homie got shot
On the .. they call me murder ..
Ain’t gotta guess b**ch, this a hunnit round chop
Should’ve went to college, but .. stupid
And if I hear a pop, this .. music
If I ain’t the shooter, then .. shooting
I ain’t green in this hood, but I still ride through it


Po’ the drop
Gimmie top
Move a block
N**ga it don’t stop..④

Sawoo, woo walk inside a jewelry store spend a brick
Sawoo, woo, got two Glock nines, they came with a ..
Wuu, woo, Prada, adderall, I haνe a percocet
Wuu, woo, this a Laferrari, this not ..
Oh no, I got killers with me, merk a n**gas b**ch
Wuu, woo, I’m a trap star, I chase my actavis
Wuu, woo, where the drugs at, I’m not a politic

I’m a millionaire, still pull a key
See these bezels on my wrist, like a disco
Had your girl, did the macorina in her thong
Got my dogs with me, n**ga .. pedigree
Sipping mud, too another galaxy
.. my brothers, .. twins, we like Siamese
.. b**ches go to war, like we Japanese
.. jungle, .. smoking harley
I put the pink diamonds on the .., barbie

Po’ the drop
Gimmie top
Move a block
N**ga it don’t stop..④…

➤ Written by Future
Album: Mafia Bidness
Produced by Ron-Ron The Producer & AceTheFace
Shoreline Mafia | Future | 2020

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