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Lyrics No Negotiations – Sheff G

Look look
She look gorgeous on the wake-up
Bad lil’ b**ch f**ked up her make-up
Catch ’em speedin’, racin
AMGs, police can’t chase us
Catch me at a function
Only baddies at this function

Look, step on my feet
B**ch, we gon’ jump you
Spend like ten at Webster
Dior what I’m steppin’, my bag Louis V
Glocks with beams all up in his V
Run up, you gon’ see
Heard of me, p**sy, why you flexin’
Know you heard of me


Look, like me, then we f**kin’
Don’t start stalkin’ me
Huh, look, point to where the money
Get a sis’, bring your friends
Tell ’em, this where all the money, get a sis’
Tell ’em n**gas, wait
You don’t wanna run up on that kid
Better tell ’em n**gas
Last one tried to do it, he got dead

Designer what we smokin’ on
Tell a DJ, run it back
What type of time he on
It’s that s**t that make you feel
Like poppin’ bottles with models
Please don’t flex before
I feel like poppin’ bottles, we got one
Yeah, we got one, look

Demonize, my n**gas
On demon time
S**t, look, demonize, my n**gas
On demon time
Huh, and it’s no negotiations
Huh, we don’t negotiate
No negotiations, huh
We don’t negotiate

Cranberry seats, my b**ch a
My b**ch a mixed breed
Look, GLOCK 23 right where my deeck be
Heard it all my life, they throwin’ salt
They tryna assault me
Not even voodoo coulda fought me…


➤ Written by Jeremy Soto, Karel Jorge, Sheff G & Great John
Album: Proud Of Me Now
Produced by Great John
Sheff G | 2020

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