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Lyrics The Migrant – Shadow of Intent

Several years have passed since man has cleared the cosmic rim
Interspecies diverting of hostilities until the next upheaval
Through extrinsic hands with diligence, finding the rare of man
The lid is closed and frozen shut
May he awake

Hear the startling hiss of decompression
A lifeless instant
Melting jaws drip of his flesh
Suckling on the bones while disposing the rest

I hunt the stars
For you I ache
Through extinction I spread
Equal for all

Drifting, drifting
Cast away into the vastness beyond
Searching, searching
Slashing through the systems to find the one
Spewing parallax
Exist in a nightmare that never ends
Slowly traversing unto doom

To build worlds of gore
Confined in a glass crypt
Transluscent palaces of black blood one day will flourish again
The extensions continue the scourge of aeons reforming a matter of mindset
This soon will not matter
Timeless original god jaded by their discontent
Human virulence
Incinerating innocence
Envisioning all equal

Thundering quakes
Frozen pace
Final stasis lifts
Viral forms
Must extract or succumb
Punctured, piercing, stretching
Tortured soul explosion
Emotion erodes
Reversed life

Death becomes your home
This chamber becomes your final tomb
Drift, drift
I assimilate all
Species known and uknown, equally dissolved
Blistering, pus glistening
Masticate, to ceaselessly macerate
Mesmerized by your transforming life
Through your eyes you will see what they despise

Drifting, drifting
Cast away into the vastness beyond
Searching and searching
Slashing through systems to find the one
Slowly traversing unto doom…

➤ Written by Ben Duerr, Chris Wiseman, Andrew Monias & Bryce Butler
Produced by Chris Wiseman & Dave Otero
Shadow of Intent | 2023

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