Scallops Hotel – Sedans (Lyrics | Audio)

Lyrics “Sedans” by Scallops Hotel

I’m here as a representative of the Tanaka clan
Oh I gotta, okay
Well I guess I’ll demonstrate this move
The dim mak, okay

Cut off my antenna and wonder why the messages stopped
In human times they kill the messenger and harvest the neighbors crops
On the boundary of the absurd where labor drops
Eating a bowl of rice and beans I suppose they say lots of things

Tuck what’s God’s honest behind what seems obscene
Most of it’s gesturing, rock a german like an overcoat
Ruby Yacht motor boat, horus with the morbid overtones
Fortune cookie lucky numbers for a horoscope

I’m with chay man in ray bans n*ggas can’t touch us
In sedans in Sudan n*gga’s not bluffin’ with that long stick
I’m in that R B Y T clique, we on that very indie sh*t
And we don’t need to f*ck with you
And you don’t want to f*ck with this

Ro’ man scaled a mountain etch it on the edifice
Step to a rapper like you not a worthy nemesis
On the side of the road tellin’ a PO I peddle medicines
Been on a higher level since you was eating gummy vitamins

Myka 9 called my sh*t high art
And on the pie chart my part look like quiet Pac Man
I’m on my riotous self righteous
Pulled many all-nighters
My last apprentice died sh*t

But y’all just want them tired quips about stubbed toes
Six years in the wild turn a person cutthroat
I wish I could give a f*ck about a brush stroke
Hit it with the gusto, bam

I’m Emeril Legasse with that ol’ frying pan
Emeralds adorn my body on the bough of a Ruby Yacht
And know it’s no remorse ’cause rapping is a blood sport
And know it’s no remorse ’cause rapping is a blood sport

It’s called the dim mak
Crossing the Ruby Yacht would be a dim thought, huh
That’d be a dim thought…

➤ Album: Sovereign nose of (y)our arrogant face
Produced by Steel Tipped Dove & Scallops hotel
Scallops hotel 2018

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