Saweetie – Pissed | Lyrics

Lyrics “Pissed” – Saweetie

Saweetie, Saweetie

Sippin’ Rose, first class, yeah, I’m lit
AP bust down, jumping off the wrist
Republicans on the plane muggin’ on a b**ch
Making white man money
So these white folks pissed
Why you pissed

Pulling out my phone, what I miss
H*es throwing shade underneath my new pic
B**ch you ugly
Something Snapchat can’t fix
Should I let her know
Or should I block this b**ch

Saweetie so monotone
Saweetie look like so and so
Saweetie took my MCM
Just so he could put her on
B**ch That n**ga want this
Took his shot, didn’t miss
Tell me, how could I resist
Why you pissed

Now y’all b**ches telling me
y’all wasn’t gonna talk to ***, ****
Y’all b**ches cappin’ on my mama, n**ga

‘Bout to piss on you n**gas
‘Bout to piss on you b**ches
How you posting pictures with me
But you throwing up disses
When I see ’em out in public
I be blowing ’em kisses
I go by in the Benzy
And I be throwing up digits

I work hard for my riches
How dare you say I didn’t
I said that I be winning
Oh you thought that I was kidding
Staring at my titties
You like how they sitting
I’m a pretty b**ch
And I got you in ya feelings

You was in the field I was calling the plays
I be making deals while you getting d**k in the face
Yeah, I was making money you was taking a break
Now you, now you wonder why I’m the
I’m the that you ain’t

Oh you pissed.. ’cause I’m rich
Is you mad ’cause I’m on yo n**ga’s wish list
Tell him, Merry Christmas
Got the p**sy gifted
He can’t wait to kiss it
Ooh that boy addicted

What you mean
Ice queen
Water on the wrist
Got these h*es seasick
On my mama, these n**gas make me sick
I’m on the scene, b**ch
You ain’t even seen, b**ch

Why you pissed.. why you pissed
Why you pissed, why you pissed
Tell me why you so pissed daddy…

➤ Written by Sara Mitchell, Gino The Ghost & Saweetie
Produced by Cronkite
Saweetie 2018

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