Sasha Lopez feat. Ale Blake & Angelika Vee – Vida Linda (Video 2017)

Lyrics “Vida Linda” by Sasha Lopez feat. Ale Blake and Angelika Vee

O vida linda.. vida linda..
Vem pra mim eu quero voce..

Go on n lemme love ya
Don’t say no
To paradise
We young n lonely, oh yeah
Don’t say no
Close your eyes

If u like what u see come n gimme that rumba
It’s hot but we always stay cool in the summer
And everyone feels it from Chile to Cuba
The rhythm the moonling, taking us over

O Vida Linda
Vem pra mim eu quero voce…

➤ Music: Theea Miculescu, Angelika Vee, Sasha Lopez
Lyrics: Theea Miculescu, Angelika Vee
Produced by Sasha Lopez & Cristian Tarcea

Music Video Produced by NGM Creative
DOP: Alexandru Muresan
Director: Bogdan Paun
Cat Music 2017

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