Ruthie Collins – Dear Dolly (Music Video)

Ruthie Collins performing Dear Dolly (Official Music Video 2016) 

Versuri (lyrics)  Dear Dolly 

Dear Dolly, you don’t know me at all
I didn’t know who to write
I didn’t who to call
This old guἰtar that I’m holding
Its all that’s holding me now
Keeping me together giving me hope
When everyone was trying to keep me down
Well dear Dolly they say it’s a man’s world
And it’s not that I’m not good enough
But nobody wants to here a little song from a girl
I’ll keep singing my heart out
I won’t believe what they tell me
Is that what you would do
If it where you dear Dolly

Oh so anytime somebody trys to tell I can’t
I know I can
You showed me how to believe in a dream
And I will always love you.. yeah yeah
Oh, dear Dolly I keep singing my heart out
Cuz that’s what you would do ἰf it where you..

Dear Dolly.. dear Dolly.. dear Dolly…