Rudimental – Toast To Our Differences (Lyrics | Video)

Lyrics “Toast To Our Differences” by Rudimental feat. Shungudzo, Protoje and Hak Baker

Hey, I wanna live in a little nice world
We’re wonder what that is
Who makes the rules in the little nice world
I wonder what happens

Without countries and presidents ..
I wanna walk in a classless park
I’ve wonder what that’s like
And a road that walks in the classless park
I would I just get high

Without rich kids, and immigrants
And big dreams of better things

Let’s raise a glass and have a toast
To our differences, aye
You’ll carry me on your shoulders
When I don’t know where I’m living in…

➤ Produced by Rudimental
Album: Toast to our Differences
Rudimental & Hak Baker & Protoje & Shungudzo 2018

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