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Lyrics MJ Story – Rod Wave

Mm, What a world, youngin
Uh, look
Ok, lets rock and roll
Same young n**ga was broke, stealing out of stores
Not no more, G across the world
Million dollar shows
This ain’t for the soul, if you ain’t know, well now you know
Know they want me gone, but they waited too long

Ok rest in peace Big Mama, look I did something with my life
I fell on my face a couple times but finally got it right
Shoutout to my team, they know this wasn’t overnight
Up and down the interstate, in the Stu’ or on a flight

I guess I’ll be alright
Keep text my phone talking greasy
Safe to under Stevie
‘Cause she’ll never see me
Better cut on a TV
I was such a teenage, dirtbag
I’ll break in yo’ s**t
Young wild n**ga on a rush to get rich
Mama look at your son, never knew it’d come to this
Moved you out of the trenches sent us to the Forbes list

Ouu, there go the youngin’, lights, camera, action
Baby girl go home, I’m gone call you when I’m landing
You don’t wanna be here when them cameras get to flashing
2022 Michael Jordan, Jackson

Thank you to all my fans, the ones for me
For changing my life and supporting my dream
For buying my album, coming to my shows
Cut on your TV, Pull out ya’ cell phone
And if they don’t know, tell all your friends
They’ll never see a young n**ga like this, again
Yeah, like this again

Young Nuni clockin’ in…

➤ Written by Rod Wave
Album: Jupiter’s Diary: 7 Day Theory
Produced by TnTXD, Shaad K’Rounds & LondnBlue
Rod Wave | 2022

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