Rod Wave ft. Lil Baby & ATR SonSon – Rags 2 Riches Lyrics 

Lyrics Rags 2 Riches – Rod Wave feat. Lil Baby & ATR SonSon

We went from rags to riches
Project fences to living luxury
Now we live luxury
Straight out that bottom
Nobody gave nothing to me
Be careful while f**king with me

All of my lil’ brothers ’bout it, they cutting for me
Yeah, they gon’ cut you for me
Lay in the cut with them cutters and cut you for free

Say she in love with me
But save your love
I just want your company
I fall in the club for free
I give out daps and them hugs
But no one’s for me
‘Cause that type of s**t
Don’t faze a player, uh
This type of s**t
Is what make a hater

When you got it out the mud, yeah
Ran it up, yeah
Really don’t give no f**k, yeah
Don’t give no f**k
When you turn nothing to something, yeah
Really hustling, yeah
Young and getting that money, yeah
We getting that money, yeah

Rags to riches..⑨
To riches

I went from rags to riches
I still go back to the trenches
We had to smash some n**gas
No silver spoons, we had plastic utensils
He just came home, he still packing his pistol
Die in these streets or get saved by the system
Or get you some millions, my lifestyle is vicious
These h*es ain’t gon’ miss you
They f**k on your partner
Act like they forgot you, that s**t have you sick

My girl, she the realest, I know how to pick ’em
I know what I did, I need you to bear with me
I know s**t get ugly, but that’s why you pretty
And pushing a Bentley, my kind near extinct
I put up them millions, I’ll never go broke
I’m a god in my hood, I give everyone hope

Can’t remember a time when my answer was nope
I remember the times I had nowhere to go
Down to my lowest, I turned to a pro
And I’m pouring my heart out, I bought my lil’ boy house
I brought all the bros out, I neνer try show out
I’m never gon’ go out, never that
Every time that I turn around, I’m giving back
Once they whack him, he’s dead, it ain’t no getting back
I was giving my all, not asking for it back
I had blue hearts at first, I had to turn ’em black

Rags to riches..⑨
To riches

Yeah, yeah, yeah
Rags to riches..⑤

Rags to riches..⑨
To riches …

➤ Written by Zypitano, Daysix, Lil Baby & Rod Wave
Album: Pray 4 Love
Produced by Zypitano & Daysix
Rod Wave | Lil Baby | ATR SonSon | 2020

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