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Lyrics Just Sing – Rod Wave

Uuh, 23 with a big money tree
Tryna plant some more
All the sunshine in time
Okay watch how that b**ch grow
So much rain on my window pane
Still won’t let it show
Bullets rain through my window mane
Everyone get low, youngin on the floor

Like if I make it home, I promise I won’t feel again
Soon as the smoke clear up, we gone spin a Benz
Jumping on a jet and chasing checks
Just like a businessman
Kiss her feet, grip her by her neck
But still a gentleman

Uh, okay saving up them bands again
‘Cause I learned ’bout life
And I know how out of the hands again
They left me stranded in
I got locked in on this planet s**t

Oh yeah
Okay, tried to remain youngin’
But the youngin’ is a one of one
God gave me daughters
But he blessed me with my brother’s sons
Fresh out of the trenches
Drop my n**gas off a honeybun
‘Cause I know it’s hard and in my heart
Know where they coming from

You wanna see the stars
Get in the car, and you can get a glimpse
Rushing out the trenches, so don’t mix me up with him
I ran up them millions, so don’t mix me up with him
This ain’t no pandemic, so don’t mix me us with them

Okay, and I can tell you’re tired
I can see you got your hands full
I think it’s too much for you to handle
You had a thousand thoughts a minute
You think too much
But you don’t never say too much
I sang till I’m lonely

Oh, oh, oh , oh
Yeah, oh

You had a thousand thoughts a minute, you think too much…

➤ Written by Rod Wave
Album: Jupiter’s Diary: 7 Day Theory
Produced by Prodkayo, Red Jon & Fasbeats
Rod Wave | 2022

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