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Lyrics HG4 – Rod Wave

With the hand I was dealt
They probably thought that I’d be dead or jail
Where I’m form, every day feel hotter than hell
Still gotta keep your heater when it’s hot, I tell you
‘Cause you don’t wanna be stressed out in a hundred degree weather

People love to talk now, say my name, but they don’t know a thing
Every day I’m thanking God that my lifestyle changed
Every time I missed the bus, I walked to school in the rain
Know you love to hear my song, but is you feeling my pain

I used to log on the Book, see RIPs, man this sh!t here ain’t safe
I grabbed my tool and grabbed my books, we strapped down every day
Fatz say you ain’t even got no opps, so give me your flame
He crazy, cocked it back then banged it ‘fore he play with my name

I love to rap, but getting attention was my biggest of fears
This raps sh!t was just my dream, but I’m finally here
Soon as I bumped into the millions, bought my sister a whip
She used let me borrow her bike to go hit me a lick
Remember my bed had bugs so I slept on the floor
Take my pain out with that poker, go and kick me a door
In the apartments with my partner, his grandma say I’m a demon
At the gas station, we ain’t plotting and scheming

And I thought that my heart was in the trenches forever
My other partner killed his partner, changed my whole perspective
We all got twenty-four hours and one life to maintain
So get up off yo a*s and be something

It’s all about grinding, f**k perfect timing
F**k maintaining get rich or die trying
When it’s you against the world
Your back against the wall
You down on your luck, tell me who can you call

Your ho keep complaining, just won’t shut the f**k up
Get the f**k out my face and shut the f**k up
Tell me who could I call when I was f**ked up
Tell me who can you call when you’re f**ked up…

➤ Written by Rod Wave
Album: Nostalgia
Produced by BeatsByTrain, DKeyz & Ayo Bleu
Rod Wave | 2023

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