RMR feat. Amber Rose – That Was Therapeutic Lyrics | Official Video

Lyrics That Was Therapeutic – RMR feat. Amber Rose

I used to stress
I was chasin’ all the wrong things, mmh
Got in my bag
Started counting all my blessings

Where these n**gas was at
When I would call
Pick up your phone
Throw me a bone
It’s hard to get a lil’ privacy
That’s what we chose
Me and my woes


Ain’t runnin’ through the six
Copped the BM that’s a eight real cozy
I need them to love me

Love outside of the stage
They know my story
They know my story…

➤ Written by RMR
Original Song: “Laugh Now Cry Later” – Drake
Produced by Do Betters
RMR | Amber Rose | 2020

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