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Lyrics Big Ghetto – RMC Mike & Peezy

Hey, ayy
I told you once before, the nice sh!t you wanna f**k
I caught her starin’ at my wrist
Ayy, look, hold your cup up in the air if it got lean in it
When we have our one-on-ones, just know I mean business
’86 Monte came mounted, lookin’ clean in it
Stayin’ heavily motivated, we do things different

Shoot the ball like Michael, but on defense, I’m a neat Pippen
On the road to success you need a clean vision
Twenty-three hundred for some jeans, yeah, the seams different
Can’t believe my Glocky jammed up, I gotta clean this one

Underlay for the overplay, don’t make the wrong choice
Labels say they love the way I rap, I got a strong voice
Let her suck my d!ck up in the whip, left her thong moist
It ain’t all about if you can rap, it’s the song choice
First thing I ever wanted to be was the dope man
Built my legacy from ground up, I got the floor plan
I know a n**ga rap his a*s off, but he got no fans
My bro addicted to that white girl, Lindsay Lohan
We bringin’ trap back
This a Gucci man bag, it’s not a knapsack
I’m runnin’ out of Slapwoods, this my last pack
I’m not smokin’ Backwoods, you need to trash that

Heavy mud up in my cup, it’s like a three or somethin’
You can achieve anything if you believe in somethin’
A n**ga raised his voice at me, pulled the heater on him
Knock the p**sy out the ballpark, I pulled a Jeter on her
It ain’t all about the sex, I’m tryna catch a vibe
I’ll rob you for your car before I catch a ride
I shoot my heat a lot to give my finger exercise
I just sprayed this weed down with some pesticides

Ghetto, yeah
Get up in the mornin’, sprint to it like it’s exercise
We get money, boy, if you ain’t steppin’, n**ga, step aside
Tonight we drinkin’ all eights, I want the section lit
Just came from Section 8, now we fresher than a peppermint
Both pockets full, got me smellin’ like I stepped in sh!t
I got dog sh!t on me, I don’t call big homies
By myself like Scarface, they should call me Tony
Brought some bad b!tches with me ’cause the top gettin’ lonely

Let the top down, shut the block down
N**gas turn to track stars when they hear that Glock sound
Known for standin’ on business, ain’t no opps around
My reputation speak for me when I’m not around
Yeah, that should tell you somethin’ ’bout me, n**ga, I’m different
I can’t make a b!tch happy right now ’cause I’m pimpin’
I been takin’ care of the family, sendin’ n**gas on missions
I be sittin’ courtside like I play for the Pistons

Catch me on the ice cam with all my chains and sh!t
Double cup of prometh, no, I won’t change a bit
Give a f**k how much you talkin’, you gotta make it make sense
I’m a different type of artist, I send hits and make hits
I’m in the mafia
It’s consequences if you bring around a cop to us
You gotta do it yourself or we gon’ pop you up
I’m just talkin’ sh!t, it’s entertainment, man, stop it, bro
It’s just entertainment, I’m just rappin’, man

Ghetto, free Rio…

➤ Written by RMC Mike & Peezy
Album: Senior Season
RMC Mike | Peezy | 2023

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