RiFF RAFF & Chief Keef – Treasure Chest | Lyrics

Lyrics “Treasure Chest” – RiFF RAFF & Chief Keef

Cranberry red when I ride back to back
Half pint of cognac in my Gucci backpack
N**ga this ain’t no game, we ain’t playing Blackjack
Make me bend on your block, like I got a bad back

Mi-Mi-Might Move to Orlando like Shaq
Pulled up to outback in the matte black ‘Lac
Roll the red carpet, like Hollywood access
All this f**king ice, y’all should call me treasure chest
I might pour a six in my peach Sunkist
Strawberry wrist, Caticorn to Saks Fifth

Pull up to the six, and the kids go ‘that’s him’
They selling candy, I get them all fifty, it’s that simple
30 in the clip, 30 on a wrist
N**gas loose lips sink Titanic ships
She opened up her box, like I had a gift
They like, how these n**gas crossing you
And ain’t mad at them
Glock got no kickback, like a white man can’t jump
You know I won’t come, if my gang can’t come
Shawty know Chief Sosa kick it like Danielson
You wanna makeover, b**ch I can buy you one

Uh, Riff, F&N with fudge handle
Khaki color, with peach bandana
Moonwalk, like Tony Danza
Who’s the boss Dale Dan Tony
Ride through the night with a white pony
I sip syrup a lot in a white Sprite
Chief Keef likes to keep it real muddy

Double cup, pint sipping buddy
Karate chop on peanut butter
Work day, worst day, first day
Charlie chopper in a briefcase
Aquaberry blue Batman
Catscan on the back of my right hand

Me and gang, four deep
NBA game, floor seats
Flaming dope, blunt somes up
They threaten to call the police
N**ga, you don’t know me
You know I get that dope cheeseap
Steady buying PT-T’s, but that s**t is O-E

We at yo’ chin like a goatee
She thirsty to throwat me
They hate me, then so be
Time to count the checks, be lowkey
Please do not approach me
Trying to provoke me
I got the rifle in case they assault me…

➤ Written by RiFF RAFF & Chief Keef
RiFF RAFF & Chief Keef | 2019