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Lyrics STFU – Rico Nasty

He just wanna eat me out
VVS diamonds bottom row of my mouth
I ain’t gotta talk, they know what I’m ’bout
Ball out ’til I back out, no doubt
Up so high, why would I look down
I don’t gotta fit inside no crown

But I do let it jump
and then beat your ass one on one
I don’t jump b**ches
If you’re gonna talk that s**t, better come with it
Whenever I talk my s**t, they gon’ f**k with it
Every time I drop my s**t, they in love with it
Rico, talk your s**t, b**ch


I’ma go dumb on it, Novacane, numb on it
Smoke all these ‘Woodies like I got a green thumb on me
I make my own money, I don’t need your money
These h*es be stuck on me like I got gum on me

Different color diamonds like the rainbow
Say hi to my haters like I’m Maino
It’s a good day if I say so
Be quiet, lil’ ho, you ain’t gettin’ no pesos

Shut the f**k up..⑧

Hang out the window like an AC
You sent shots, ain’t none of them graze me
Too lazy, can’t none of you faze me
Go crazy like a lunatic maybe
Go stupid like Ludacris
N**gas at the door, better tell me who it is
Got that b**ch on all fours like she ’bout to take a piss
If you put a ho out, then you better not miss


Gettin’ cheese like Swiss
Two strands on me, but it ain’t no twist
Don’t get what I want, then I’m throwin’ a fit
Pop out to the club, it’s designer, my fit
They thinkin’ I’m dumb, but I’m at it again
Blue bands on me but I ain’t no Crip
Pull up to the party and make a ho dip
You all on my ass, you got s**t on your lip

Shut the f**k up
Shut the f**k up..⑧…

➤ Written by Malik Foxx, Denzel Baptiste, David Biral & Rico Nasty
Album: Nightmare Vacation
Produced by Take a Daytrip
Rico Nasty | 2020

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