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Lyrics Money Machine – Rich The Kid feat. SipTee

I was trappin’ out the basement
Momma say, stay on that grind, boy, be patient
I was runnin’ to the money, had to chase it
I done made a couple racks, I couldn’t waste it
Now I’m laughin’ to the bank, got a big bag
Tweaky little b**ch, she gon’ ride like six flags
How the f**k I ran these millies up, but I had skip math
Ride to hell, I got this water on me like a full ..

Let me call my doctor, I’m so sick
When I pull up in that ‘Rari, they take a pic
How the f**k I got a Bentley truck They said I wasn’t s**t
How the f**k I made a wrap and I done really went legit, damn


I’m a college dropout that signed a deal
And I know they didn’t believe it that I’d make it, for real
I did sleep on the floor, but I never did miss the meal
‘Cause momma made a way for a n**ga, that’s for real
I been broke, had no hope
N**gas went down when I sold cities at the store
Lost real n**gas that I can’t see no more
Looked at my past, I ain’t goin’ back broke

Money machine s**t
I done seen my n**ga dead, you ain’t seen s**t
B**ches tellin’ me they love me, that don’t mean s**t
I done spent a couple million that lean s**t
That’s some fiend s**t
I done f**ked her, made it wrap and I was trappin’ out the back
Tryna pull up .. and try to hit me, where them at
Players hate you for a rack
From the bottom, I done made it, that’s a fact

Now I rock around, pockets on blue bills
F**k a bougie b**ch but I be in the trap still
And my n**gas real forever tryna make a hundred mill
Tell her turn around, bend it over, baby, how it feel
I’m the boss, I been cashin’
Plain jane Patek, I don’t do no flashin’
I tell my mama, what you tryna get that ..
She said, I just want the bands, is them cashin’
Then I started laughin’

Look, and I started laughing, uhh


F**k my ex, fetched with my n**gas
I do not care how she feel, though
Know she prolly get jealous
She should’ve kept it real, though
I know real freaks, they called
On FaceTime to use a deal, though
Ain’t hungry, I’ve been eatin’
I’m trying to touch a meal, though

And I’m still the same n**ga that I was when I did ..
I’m just out the way, so ain’t nowhere to put the blame on
And I know she hide her face
‘Cause that’s exactly where I came on
Sold my PlayStation, ain’t the one you gon’ win game on

Crack the code on ’em
VVS hangin’ on my chest, they want it, froze on ’em
No paparazzi, all these diamonds strike a pose on ’em
You gave ’em trust and now you mad because you told on you
Yeah, you told on you..②

SipTee, I’m him
Money machine
Money machine s**t, money machine s**t, ah…

➤ Written by Rich The Kid & SipTee
Album: Lucky 7
Rich The Kid | SipTee | 2021

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