Rich Brian feat. Bēkon – Yellow (Lyrics | Video)

Lyrics “Yellow” by Rich Brian feat. Bēkon

How do I disappear
Without anybody knowing
Will anybody even miss me
When I’m gone

Bottle full of liquor
I’ma drown tonight
Life looks so easy
All you gotta to do is close your eyes
Please don’t call the reverend
I don’t need no help
Bury me a legend I’ma dig the grave myself

I can’t remember when I last felt alive
Don’t try to save my life
I’m already on my way tonight
The blood is on my hands it’s either do or die
Don’t even try to save my life
They gon’ memorize my name when I’m gone
And they gon’ recognize my face when I’m gone

How do I disappear
Without anybody knowing
Will anybody even miss me
When I’m gone

B**ch Hello
Don’t fight the feeling ’cause I’m yellow
Will I make it Who the hell knows
You want my soul but we don’t sell those
Yeah, ayy, oh
Got a full clip, don’t even carry no guns
Don’t need no ICE feel like I’m 21
Breakfast and lunch, she gon’ swallow my sons
Dinner, dessert, eat these rappers for fun
Don’t give no f**ks if you don’t f**k with my s**t
Rock fifty stages in all fifty states b**ch
I did it all without no citizenship
To show the whole world you just got to imagine

On a day, on the day
The bullets block out the sun, the sun
We are fools, we are fools
Pointing at everyone, everyone
But ourselves
‘Cause we’re the only ones to blame
We’re the only one’s to blame
It’s insane, oh it’s insane
‘Cause no one ever wants to change…

➤ Written by Rich Brian & Bēkon
Album: The Sailor
Produced by Rappy & Bēkon
Rich Brian | Bēkon | 2019

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