Rexx Life Raj – Where I Belong (Lyrics & Audio)

Lyrics ” Where I Belong” by Rexx Life Raj

Ay, all of my thoughts be clouding my judgment sometimes
Backtracking and second-guessing
Like I don’t know nothin’ sometimes
Seems like I’m spending hella my time to figure it out

Who are these n*ggas around
They’re just gonna ruffle my feathers
Stuck in my wings
Can’t get off the ground

I got the vision, they don’t got the vision
I’m well aware of all my decisions
When I need ’em and I call ’em everybody missing
When I got it they come back around this shit is fishy

I keep betting on Faraji even when it’s risky
My anxiety been finding ways to keep me busy
Guess it’s a blessing in disguise
I get lost in my mind
Still I rise every time
Still I rise

It’s been a hell of a ride
N*ggas been off of my old shit, know that
I just get better with time
But that I never rewind
No, I don’t nickel-and-dime

I’d rather put it in the time
I’d rather work
I’d rather own all my own shit
I feel better when it’s mine
Know Imma shine
You know it

Walk into room soul glowin’
You see the light on me
Look how it shines on me
I might have been down but not for long
When you turn around, know I’ll be gone
And be at the top where I belong
Where I belong

Spend a lot of time to right the wrongs
Then I let go of all my flaws
Headed to the top where I belong
Yeah, where I belong
Ohhhhh, oh…

➤ Album: Father Figure 2: Flourish
Produced by Julia Lewis
Rexx Life Raj VEVO 2017

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