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Lyrics Take Me Away – Problematic

Take me away
Take me away
This loves on fire
But take me higher..②

She was an honour role student so sophisticated
Momma was a doctor, brother was a hockey player
She had a dream to inspire be that motivation
From all the pain inflicted knew that she could make a difference
The only issue was the fear of always being judged
Look in the mirror she has hate the person she’s become
They don’t see the battle or the hurtful scars
At age of 6 she was rap3d by her Uncle Tom


Forever traumatized
Lost her father due to cancer
When she was 12
So she turned to God
To find some answers
Feeling frantic
She can’t seem to shake this damn depression
She started smoking weed
Thought that it would ease the tension

Only made it worse
She found the wrong crowd
Sneaking out late
Lying to her mom now
Money not a problem
She’s got tons of options
Easily most pop**ar in school
She don’t like the gossip

Take me away
Take me away
This loves on fire
But take me higher..②

She had a crush on a guy from the soccer team
He was ripped, super funny
Every woman’s dream
They started talking then he asked her out upon a date
She said yes, food was a great they had a couple drinks
Laughed for a hours then invited her to his place
She said of course with a smile as her heart raced
Sat on the couch started kissing
Then he made his move
They hit the bed sheets
Candle lights surround the room


Then she paused, wait
Question, do you got a cond*m
His response, no, is that gonna be a problem
They continued on up until the crack of dawn
Weeks later feeling off
Knew there must be something wrong

She goes to her doctor
Explains the situation
Nervously awaiting
And she’s starting to become impatient
Until she got the call suddenly her jaw dropped
Found out that she’s pregnant
Plus the guy she loved cheated dawg

Take me away
Take me away
This loves on fire
But take me higher..②

So disgusted, bitter, living with this agony
Her son was born a week ago but daddy’s gone you see
She tried to end it once before but failed it miserably
Stopped herself she had a moment thought about her family
But now the pain’s too much cannot cope she’s had enough
Meds ain’t working, head is hurting, suicide it is a must
Calls her mom to say I love you but there was no warning sign
Called her brother left a message, please take care of Jerami

Locks herself inside her room
Writes a note it says to whom
That it might concern
But I’m not strong enough to make it through
Love you guys, this is goodbye
Until we meet again I fly
Up into the gates of heaven
Promise me you will not cry

Grabs depressants from the cabinet
Palms are sweaty, starts spinnin’
She’s debating, contemplating
Takes the pills now its hitting
Dials 9-11 crashes hard hits the floor
Paramedics rushing in
But its too late an Angel soars

Take me away
Take me away
This loves on fire
But take me higher..②…

➤ Written by Problematic
Mix & Master: Adam Lewis
Produced by Jurrivh & Tunna Beatz
Problematic | 2021

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