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Lyrics i hate waking up – Powfu feat. Rxseboy, SadBoyProlific & Alek Olsen

When the sun
Widens in size
I no longer know what’s going on in here

Waking up soon but I wanna sleep
Nothing is worse than leaving these sheets
Barely awake, still brushing my teeth
Running the tap, rinse and repeat

You were the lady and I was the tramp
But showing you off I felt like the champ
I was your favourite but fading away
Leaving saliva all over my face

Movies on Fridays no longer a thing
Huh, I feel a sting
What didn’t I bring, cause I brought a lot
In case you come back I’ll be saving your spot

Tried making a difference and showing you life
Stuck at your side you stuck in the knife
Pouring you wine, you pouring my blood
Wipe out my life in need of a flood

I need a flood
I need an ending
Scared of the truth
So I’ll keep pretending
Don’t need a reason
I been defeated
Now I’m alone I’ll be looking for Jesus

Ever seen somebody die
Ever cut your wrist with the bluntest of knives
Hit your friends, started texting goodbyes
Ain’t nothing left but death in your eyes

Sometimes people leave and the lesson’s acceptance
The older you get harder it is to get it
Some people look for you, some look for a exit
Might hurt you might hate it but never regret it

I don’t run from pain it made me
How could I ever hate what had shaped me
Been to hell, how could death ever phase me
Wish em well even when they all hate me

Let me be, take my soul and finally set it free
Spread my ashes on the 7 seas
Let me rest in peace when I’m dead deceased
Swear a grave’s the only thing that’s left for me

Ain’t a discography, this a effigy
I’m a giant so when I am dyin’
You had better make sure that I’m buried 7 feet
My reflection defers to the left of me
Crackin under pressure, don’t let it get to me
You could even break me down chemically
Rap and pain, the only thing my chemistry contains
I think it’s meant for me

I think it’s meant for me
Maybe not meant to be
I’m sick and tired of fighting with enemies
Trying to cry, she lied about everything
I wanna die, but that’s a petty thing

I got a lot more I could be giving
Some people hate me, that’s a given
Wonder what I could’ve done
To act like the sun
And put some good use to my energy

I think I’m done done done done
I wanna run run run run
Tried to get some some some some
And I f**ked up my funds funds funds funds

I got like two years to be me
And I got like three days in a week
Now I got like four things that I need
And I bought like five pills, Imma sleep

Yea you know I’m tired as s**t
I thought I’d die as a kid
I brought a knife into school
And they told me it is what it is
Should’ve been locked in a prison
Talk about s**tty decisions
I had to roam, no intention
Told me to work for my pension, hm
Nowadays, I’ve been getting paid
Cuz the music got me some attention…

➤ Written by Powfu, Alek Olsen, Rxseboy, James Woodcock & SadBoyProlific
Album: surrounded by hounds and serpents
Produced by Ocean Beats, Powfu & Alek Olsen
Powfu | 2022

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