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Lyrics Topshottas Freestyle – Potter Payper

Don’t mix with them boys, that’s what your mother said
Now you’re knee deep in it and your brother’s dead
And any time you see him you see the colour red
Got you out here just scheming on their mum’s address

I don’t rate them but I’ve got it on me nonetheless
Ganja breath, talking to my babes about I need to get away
I’m waiting for my kids ’cause I’ve got gangster DNA
You couldn’t see me on my worst day

You weren’t about it in the first place
That’s how you end up with a burst face
Or you snitch, that’s the worst case
Streets tell me I’m the best with the wordplay
But that couldn’t mean less in my workplace
They’re injecting their toes and their necks in my workplace
Young G’s I’m banking the bath in my workplace
And you’d think that was bad but I’ve had worst days
I take the coke out the water like a mermaid

I’ve got the grub and told ’em see you next Thursday
I’ve got this b**ch and her she drink me like she thirsty
I think I’m money anytime I’m in Burberry
I used to have ten cats by the Curly Wurly

Now it’s top shottas back in full effect
I grew up on the block, money, power and respect
I’m a product of the YOI’s, illegal neglect
Now these bottles get necked and these models give me neck
I’m a G by myself, I can’t get G-checked
I sign my own cheques, CEO and exec
I wake up every morning, money haffi mek
I said wake up like I’ve slept, let that go over your head

I’ve been killing white girl like Little Mo and Trev
My life’s a movie, I ain’t Clooney or Depp
But if I have to take them steps it’s a tragedy
Mazzaleen, MAC on me like I’m from Aberdeen family

You ain’t ever bagged a nina’s sweets in the bag
Knocking doors like it’s Halloween
When I never had a dream, still I always had a fiend
Had to jack a pack, I never had a beam
Places that a man a been, seen get bun like jalapeen
Hot Tamale, round here they call me Abti but I’m not Somali
Let me take you on a block safari
How they praying for the light but it’s not Diwali

While they do you like Luca Brasi
No chit chat and no malarkey
Come proper like Mr Darcy
Jailhouse, I always had a smartie
I had your baby mother moving tarty
This Amiri, it’s not Armani
This Amiri, it’s not Armani…

➤ Written by Potter Payper
Produced by Chucks
Potter Payper | 2021

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