Phora – Fake Smiles 2 Lyrics ǀ Official Video

Lyrics Fake Smiles 2 – Phora

And, oh I said
Hey, come back to my arms, yeah
This hurts, yeah, f**k, I know
I can’t take this s**t no more
But I got this, this life is short
Yeah, look

They say nothing lasts forever, love always fades away
I try to hide the pain, so I guess I’m the one to blame
I’m in the dark fallin’, drownin’, callin’ your name
I still hear your voice, I still see your face

But I held on to you, but you were killing me slow
Two things, love and compassion, things that we’d never show
We all just run from the truth and all the things that we know
And still I’m looking for you, but I just hope that you grow, f**k

I’m not as okay as I pretend to be
Running from the past and I can’t see what lies ahead of me
I gave up on everyone, I gave up on everything
I know there’s a heaven, I just don’t think it was meant for me
If you knew me you would judge me for all these mistakes
So like the rest of us I carry this smile on my face
And act like everything’s okay as I try not to break
My smile is like the love you gave all along, it was fake

Been so neglected, I don’t even know my worth no more
Sinners like us don’t find forgiveness in a church no more
Meds, they don’t work no more, my head doesn’t work no more
Sometimes I’d rather die ’cause that wouldn’t hurt no more

But some nights I wanna call you and swallow my pride
‘Cause some nights I feel empty and hollow inside
Why do we hold on to the people that promise us lies
Why do we kill ourselves to live if all of us die

I’m slowly breaking down
It’s hard to fake my smile
I learned the things that help us breathe
Can also make us drown
I just can’t take it now
I just can’t take it now
My demons talk to me
These angels never make a sound

Sometimes I look inside the mirror and stare at myself
Hate who I am, I have this problem comparing myself
Sometimes we loνe someone who turns into somebody else
I got so lost in you, forgot how to care for myself
We fight addictions, we hate each other, we’re all the same
We dig for love, bury the past and end up in the grave, yeah
But who’s to blame I guess we all change
We hurt the ones we love because of our pain, f**k

And, oh I said
Come back to my arms
This hurts, I know-oh
But I got this, I’m on my own…

➤ Written by Phora
Phora | 2020

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