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Lyrics 4 Minutes – Phinix

Welcome to this well-defined world called my mind
My name is Phinix, I move steady
I am glad you found time to unwind
And start this journey
I hope you don’t get lost in this amazing maze of a mastermind
See, in these dangerous times it’s important that your sight is well aligned
Focus, allow yourself to think outside the box cause
We’ve already had more than enough of that quarantine

I’m cold with it, prolific
The omnific, God did it
This will only take 4 minutes

Four minutes of greatness
Four minutes of dominance

I am what happens when Magnifaya spits flames
Burns with the mic and stage to ashes
Then rises from those ashes
I’m greatness reincarnated
So, you cannot match this
I heard them say that all men are dogs
Well, then let the sleeping dogs lie
But all my guys and I spit is truth that can’t be put to bed
So, you cannot mattress!
My IQ is way too high to
Waste on nonsensical gossip and debates
Some call me crazy but I’m just absolute madness
This is

Four minutes of elegance
Four minutes of excellence

Too many intellectually-inept people have strong views concerning politics
Too many people want to guide me spiritually when in actuality they’re hypocrites
Too many people asking for handouts when they lack the discipline to save, invest, or regenerate
Too many people borrowing money when they lack the decency to pay back or to simply communicate
I stopped beating about the bush, that’s the truth, I’m as direct as they come
I stopped looking for approval, I’m a youth that’s getting past that conundrum
My throat is a dungeon
I breathe fire, say it right folks
I’m a Phoenix, not a dragon
I’m a 90’s kid
I write with the grit
I might never fit
I mightily spit
I’m metaphorically rich
So, get these shackles off my feet
This is

Four minutes of relevance
Four minutes of competence

For years I have wondered what truly makes a man
Is it God, spirituality, I’m trying to understand
Money, Power, main babe, side babe, having as many as he can
Cause we’re all taking risks, calculated or ignorant
Rewards motivate when they are within reach
Am I willing to bear the cost for the glory that I seek
Love, Peace, Wealth, and a fulfilled destiny
Or will I just be all talk if I never reach my peak
Every risk that I have taken needed calculation
From the courses that I have chosen for the levels of my education
All the money that I’ve invested to build a solid foundation
To the affairs of my heart that exceeded infatuation
I can’t afford to be reckless, no, not in this economy
Not when we won’t eat love in holy matrimony
Not when I plan on raising kids and build a solid family
While tens of others look up to me for help and security
What differentiates a man is his ability to think
Contemplate, calculate, before you take a risk
This is
Four minutes of confidence
Four minutes of extravagance

I listen but I do not just follow anything that seems to be the trend
The heart may be deceptive but I’ve seen brothers stick closer than a friend
There’s power in consistency, even bliss may come to an end
Because when the flower isn’t watered, it soon starts to bend
A lot of love has been lost and my city is well known to devour the spoil
He prepares a table before me in the presence of my enemies
So, before you ask me what I bring to the table
I ask, do you even have a cup to collect this overflowing oil
This is

Four minutes of acceptance
Four minutes of repentance

Lord knows I’m sick with the flow
This is my heartbeat on an instrumental
Lord, I know I’m sick and flawed
So, heal my heart, come heal my mental
‘Don’t judge a book by its cover
This law you cannot deny
Don’t cover a judge by his books
There’s more than what meets the eye
They thought I stopped writing, I heard them criticize
But how can someone quit their passion, that can never be wise
It is ignorance to watch me burn and think I will never rise
The sun may set in the west but even Kanye knows the direction of every sunrise…

➤ Written by Bupe Kalokoni
Produced by Liss Landers
Phinix | 2023

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