Philthy Rich – Neighborhood Watch | Lyrics

Lyrics “Neighborhood Watch” – Philthy Rich

Ooh, RJ
Ay, it’s Philthy, n**ga
RJ always tripping, man, RJ always tripping man
Funk or Die, ahh, look..

Eggrolls with the duck sauce
Back of the Bentley truck gettin’ sucked off
Another body gettin’ rushed off
Another n**ga I done f**ked off

Send my shooter out of state, now he tucked off
Big house on the lake got him ducked off
She ain’t make the date or the cut-off
I bust in her face, get my nut off

Red interior on the big B
Headrest with the TV
Bluetooth, no CD
Dark tint, you can’t see me
Man, them n**gas ain’t believe in me
My ex-b**ch don’t wanna leave me
Do anything to try and keep me
And homicide tryna keep me

Hand-to-hand transactions, standin’ on the block
Player one and player two gets your ass locked
Old folks neighborhood watch
Knock a n**ga down
The whole neighborhood watch

Three hots in the car
The rest of your life on a cell block
That’s what you up against when you sell rocks
Shot on his own block, now he shellshocked

Grocery shopping in the WIC line
Your baby mama EBT card decline
This the life that I live, I couldn’t pick mine
Me being a broke n**ga don’t sit fine

I used to hang my clothes on a zip line
I only drink rose, I don’t sip wine
If they ask my favorite number, I’ma pick 9
Ay b**ch, come and put yours with mine…

➤ Written by Philthy Rich
Album: Big 59
Produced by RJ Lamont
Philthy Rich | 2019