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Lyrics Panic!!! – Paris Texas

Yeah, aye woah
Like please don’t touch my
Like bad b**ch touch my
I can see why your

I see why you are stressed, mhm
Because you’re no contest, mhm
F**k 12 I can’t confess, mhm, drop racks
I’ll clean my mess, mhm, excuse me
While I flex, mhm, bad b**ch that’s to my left
Mhm, your b**ch bad wit bad breath
For bags, I do conquest

Find bag then I collect
Know n**gas that love techs, like geeks
Know every spec, both cheeks I grab oh yes
It’s like I’m grandma yes
PT rep that till’ death get back I need ten steps
Don’t care who got up next

Pt b**ch can’t miss
Ain’t heard no s**t like this
Pull out my s**t she lick
I got the bread to trick
I see yo ex down bad
I think he need a sis
So I went and f**k that n**ga momma
I came in this b**ch with no genre

I’m on my way to the tippity top
I’m so OP n**gas think I’m an opp
B-o-b m-o-b g-a-n-g
N**gas love me why the f**k would I stop
I might get bored and just get into stocks
Shawty just gave me slippery slop
I love black girls that listen to rock
F**k you thinking tryna put me in box

This ain’t for containing, you stupid lil hoe
Ain’t no point, in saving when n**gas up the score
I’m so good at sangin’, the way I carry notes
They frame what I’m saying treat that like paintings
This not a handout we not relaying
Competition all we do is dust it im the type
To hold her face, and f**k it ima hold her hair up if she suck it

Leave her p**sy looking like a musket
I’m really him what the f**k is assumption
I was getting 5-star s**t for my luncheon
Keep on giving me lip imma bust it
I don’t really walk anywhere imma float in
I’m a real night mayor b**ch put your vote
N**gas gonna flinch in the b**ch so I punch in
I’m a keep on doing this s**t til it soak in…

➤ Written by Paris Texas, Louie Pastel & Felix
Produced by Paris Texas
Paris Texas | 2023

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