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Lyrics Mad About Bars – Pak-Man

Payback, can’t listen to no fake rap
All my hitters stay strapped, fifty for a yay pack
Payback, never been a snake, I don’t play that
Send a man round where you stay at

Payback, my bruddas want a man touched asap
I’ve still got ones in the cage trapped
I was on the seventeenth floor on my face flat
Now I’m in the Gardens with a bag full of straight cash

Patek with the rubber strap, more than your gold watch
Fill up a duffle bag, shut down the whole block
Still in the gutter akh, can’t turn my phone off
Never done the trap to run a stack to a broke f**k

Ran through like a hundred carats already
Hammers and jezzies, needs lobsters and some spaghetti
I put my hands on him, he didn’t hand me my readies
Girls say I’m handsome, I had a handful of Presi’s

My Roley Anniversary, pattern like Burberry
The plug got birds for me, my hitter gonna burst for free
Tryna turn a leaf, my CV extensive
Lifestyle expensive but I need burners cheap

I don’t do AC’s, I don’t do A3’s
I’m known in the AD’s, got bored of the AP’s
Haters still mad at me, VVS clarity
Round up the cavalry, I’m buss down casually

Rapping about sports cars but you don’t drive any
Team full of all-stars like Kenny
In the hood I’ll burn a bridge for a ice bezzy
All the work I flipped made my life messy

Fiend hopped in my whip, said the Benz crazy
I won’t stop till I’m rich, old friends hate me
When you water like this you need your skeng daily
If I pay cash for five I’m getting ten maybe

Ends snaky, full of trench babies
I just flicked my wrist and it went brazy
Firing up, let me get some rap money, try my luck
Three mixtapes in 2020, am I live enough

You ain’t got bars like me
Clothes, h*es, rose gold, cars like me
Your boy got clapped and your team didn’t slide
You was on the track screaming R.I.P.

Coke boy, born in the crack era
Friends turned to foes, I need my strap nearer
You can still get a square from man
I’ve got more cookies than Maryland

Fourty-four in Christian Dior
She took her shahada, she ain’t Christian no more
Check custom kettles when I flood the bezel
It’s about time I take things to another level…

➤ Written Pak-Man
Pak-Man | 2020

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