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Lyrics Hey Boy – Omar Apollo feat. Kali Uchis

Hey boy, hey boy
Say babe, say babe..③

I wonder how you really feel about me
I love those feelings that you bottled
You should pour ’em on me
Baby, I can’t believe you had
To live a life without me
Come here and show me how you feel
I wanna see if it’s real

Hey boy, hey boy
Say babe, say babe..②

‘Cause we don’t talk much
But you never forget me
And when I ain’t around
I’m still in your sex dreams

Always on your mind
You could сall it haunting
Papi, ven pa’ca
And see this ass in person

Chop, slop, hopscotch
Trade on me, wanna f**k
Roll me up a little runtz
Homie, you gon’ hit me up…

➤ Written by Omar Apollo & Kali Uchis
Album: Apolonio
Produced by Omar Apollo, Mk.gee & Budgie
Omar Apollo | Kali Uchis | 2020

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