Olivia O’Brien – Settle | Lyrics

Lyrics ” Settle” – Olivia O’Brien

Holding on, hold my breath
Trying hard to forget
In my mind, it’s only you
It’s what you are, it’s what you do

No one else can compare
I hate to say how much I care
Getting close I’m too attached
How long can this last

Nothing close to what I need
But when I’m with you I feel so free
Late at night when we’re together
There’s nothing else that could be better

What do I do when lust turns to more
What are we even doing this for
Your arms around me feeling so safe
No desire to leave this cage

Heart to heart beating slowly
I’m so tired of feeling lonely
My thoughts are cloudy nothing matters
Except for you, not what comes after
When you’re gone I feel the same
I see him but I hear your name

Look at what you’ve done to me
Don’t you care, don’t you see
Thoughts of you controlling me
Every word I couldn’t speak…

Olivia O’Brien | 2019

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