O.T.R. feat. Kai Straw – Close (Lyrics | Audio)

Lyrics “Close” by O.T.R. feat. Kai Straw

Baby, you ain’t mine yet
I mean how could you be it’s been like a breath
But I got my mind set
And I’ll be slow with my approach
So you know I’m ’bout respect

‘Cause baby, I think you the one
I wanna kiss, hershey, when the sunset
I wanna lift your feet with my love
Weaken them knees when we undress
But I’ve known you for five minutes
And there’s a code you got, I get this
So let’s start by movin’ these hips

Can we scoot a little bit closer..
Can we scoot a little bit closer..

But your friends say, watch your heart
That boy gonna steal it, yeah, girl, we your cop cars
And yeah, I get it, you’ve gotta guard yourself
Girl, you’ve got scars about as large as your heart was
For who carved it out

But baby, I think you’re the one
And the past can’t hold us ransom
And we can take it slow, if you want
‘Till I’m old if there’s a chance some
Day I’ll be your man
When we lay in the same bed
But for now let’s just start where we can

Can we scoot a little bit closer
Can we scoot a little bit closer

‘Cause every million starts with one
And every minute starts at nothin’
I ain’t askin’ for your love
Just a beginning that could spark it

Can we scoot a little bit closer

➤ Produced by O.T.R.
O.T.R. & Kai Straw 2018

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