Nyck Caution – Mufasa Freestyle Lyrics | Official Video

Lyrics Mufasa Freestyle – Nyck Caution

She say I’m a dog
But she the one down on all fours
Haters talk s**t behind closed doors
Bet they all flop like Paul George

I was getting high like nosebleeds
C0caine white on the floorboard
New black tea with the lost piece
I be coast to coast plain offshore

I just want the head like Al Snow
Remember rainy downs I was down pour
Now I get the pack from the dope lord
Turned my life into a motherf**kin’ folklore
Big Nyck, young Jay core
New path bring new doors
Sub films eight to four

The lion doesn’t sleep in the nighttime, nah
I be out late like I got an early flight time
When I touch down, dig in her like a pipeline
All gas, no brakes, not made for the sidelines
Go head first, didn’t read guidelines
She it’s get to .. timelines

Seen her do the dance out west
Shaking them brand new LA breasts
Now she on the net сausin’ trouble
Trying to get a pass to the bubble
Focus on the game, don’t fumble

My ear’s on alert undercover
Only for the fame or my brothers
Been a Young Simba like Glover…

➤ Written by Nyck Caution
Mix: Trevor Deblase
Nyck Caution | 2020

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